Who are we?

A small and growing group of people who have awakened within the illusion that is the physical universe by achieving the 4th Level of Human Consciousness, usually called Enlightenment. We now live in the experience of being non-physical, spiritual entities beyond ordinary human problems and suffering while still operating human bodies. We have perception and communication with the Creator and now consciously create our lives.

There is nothing special about us:
we are all similar spiritual beings and all can awaken.

We have developed a system, a technology, to awaken others from the Human Illusion. We have dedicated this lifetime, our last re-incarnation on earth, to facilitate this awakening for others.

What is Enlightenment?

Enlightenment is the state of experience of oneself as a immortal spiritual being connected to the One Supreme Being who is the Ultimate Truth of Existence and the Source of all that exists. Enlightenment is a permanent awakening from the illusion of being a human being to rediscover the truth that you are a powerful spirit asleep to who you really are so that you enjoy your Human Movie.

The physical world is a stage, a theater, where spirits come to play, to explore the Human Experience.

The world is very much like “The Matrix” (movie). It is a perfectly real illusion where we spirits come for drama. The difference is that outside of the Matrix is not “evil machines” but the One Supreme Creator Being of Infinite Love-Joy.

The purpose of the Human World Matrix is to provide us spirits, “children of the Creator”, a place to explore the Darkside of the creation; to experience negative energy: problems, struggle, conflicts, dramas, negative emotions, suffering, and even evil. We cannot explore these things while we are living in our spiritual Essence; only by creating amnesia (avidya) of Who We Really Are and coming to earth as humans can we explore negative experiences.

Enlightenment is the spiritual phenomenon at the heart of all religions. Buddha and Jesus are examples of beings who achieved very high levels of Enlightenment and tried to tell others about it. What is Enlightenment?  )

The Enlightenment Organization

and yours if you choose to support it:

The World Transformation Project

To transform human consciousness on the planet by evolving humanity’s level of connection with One Creator Spirit (not to be confused with religion!). We have the technology to do this. The transformation is one from egotism and egoism, division and polarization, greed and hoarding, indifference to suffering, might is right, domination and expansionism, lies and deception; to a universal consciousness of our One Source Being, unity, brotherhood, love, cooperation, sharing, and abundance for all. Details here .

We have the technology for people to progress up through the 5 Levels of Human Consciousness. Details here