The Divisions of ThEO

Essentiality is an extensive system of knowledge, exercises and processes that enable the human being to awaken from the illusion he is nothing more than a human being so he recovers his awareness of himself as an immortal spiritual being. Likewise, it enables him to perceive, experience and communicate with the One BEing that is the source and substance of all that is. Living in these two experiences, immortal spirit and connection with Essence, is called Enlightenment and that level of consciousness is the purpose of Essentiality.

Psycanics is the physics of trans-physical energies that make up the internal, personal experience of every person. As are all sciences, it is an ordered set of laws, principles and formulas. It models all trans-physical energy: emotions, mind, self-esteem, relationships, intelligence, learning, communication, love and happiness. Psycanics gives the individual power over his internal world and that gives him power over his external, physical world. As Psycanics makes no reference to anything beyond the immediate experience of any person, it does not conflict with peoples’ religious beliefs. The basic equation of Psycanics is the Causal Sequence of: Be Feel Think Relate Do Have.

Being Transformation Technology (BTT) BTT is a technology, a sophisticated system of procedures and protocols, that apply either Essentiality or Psycanics to the internal world of each person. BTT discharges and discreates negative energies (for example, traumatic incidents, addictions, negative emotions) and then creates the positive energies that the being wishes to experience. By changing the primary element of the Causal Sequence (BEing) all the rest of the Causal Sequence changes automatically. Thus, it serves to make huge changes in your life with minimum effort.

Pilot: The persons trained in guiding BTT are called pilots. It takes about 2 years of study to learning BTT piloting. All teachers of Essentiality and Psycanics must first be pilots.

Academy of BTT Pilots The Academy is a school within the school. It trains pilots and coaches of TIP and teachers of Psycanics and Essentiality.

Association of Being Transformation Professionals: This is the association of graduates of the Academy which supports them in their careers in Psycanics and Essentiality and TIP.

The Darkside is the nature and operation of evil in humans. (Evil includes all deliberate use of negative energy, all actions to harm others irrelevant of the justification given. (Examples include: terrorism, corruption, violence, wars, racism.). This area of THEO has both advanced spiritual knowledge and special BTT protocols to discharge evil from the person. It is impossible to Return to Light, to Love, to Essence, to Enlighten yourself, while expressing any evil at all.

The Technology of Intelligence-Power (TIP): TIP is a system of study and learning that empowers a person to learn anything by themselves from study materials without a teacher. It also ensures that subjects becomes easier and easier as you advance in their study rather than harder and harder (until the student gives up). It is of major importance for the self-esteem of children as school is their first “job” in the world, the first time they have to produce results and are evaluated in public.

ThEO offers careers in all the above. ThEO trains the people who seek careers in administering, teaching and piloting in all the above divisions.

Mycal and the Mexican team of pilots and teachers