Spirituality is the Experience and Expression of the Essence, of the One Great Spirit in Her 13 Principal Characteristics:

Light, Consciousness, Oneness-Unity, Will, Infinity, Magnificence, Wisdom, Perfection, Beauty, Truth, Love, Peace, Joy;
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and Her 13 secondary:
Responsibility-Power, Confidence, Worth-Humility, Simplicity, Unattachment, Liberty, Enthusiasm-Passion, Patience, Harmony, Compassion-Kindness, Abundance, Serenity, and Gratitude.

Love: we love to love. Love is to always give positive energy, especially to negative energy. Love is action, it is to care for and grow the energies around us.

Our forms of love include:

Transparency: To accept and respect all persons irrelevant of race, nationality or creed. To honor and be transparent to all  expressions of the One. (Transparency is the absence of all resistance, invalidation or other forms of negative energy.)
Humility: There is no greater or lesser in the One. We are all equal children of the One. We treat all persons as equal in  value irrelevant of their human social status.
Service: To take every opportunity to serve and contribute to the wellbeing of others without seeking personal advantage.
Humanity: We cultivate understanding, empathy and compassion for all.
Unity: We focus on what we have in common, not on differences to create division and separation and polarization.
Gratitude: We live in Gratitude from our heart for every event and situation in life, remembering that a Master only has two  modalities: enjoyment or growth.
Cause: to be at cause in our world fulfilling our policies and producing our desired results without excuses. Cause starts  with taking responsibility: the policy of always responding and acting in any situation to achieve our objectives. Cause  also requires discipline, initiative, resourcefulness, creativity and punctuality.
Consciousness: We are committed to the expansion of consciousness, to increase wisdom and power by teaching and  demonstrating the nature and functioning of any thing so that, through comprehension and clarity it can be improved,  especially our being. Consciousness includes awareness of Who We Are and the ability to connect with Infinite Wisdom  (Essence.)
Integrity: We recognize that integrity includes fulfilling our responsibilities and keeping our word; doing the right thing  (loving thing) even when nobody knows what we are doing. It includes honesty and sincerity with ourselves and with  others.

Teamwork in Sinergy and Unity: Union is strength. We appreciate the value of being a member of a group where we have the power of the knowledge and the spiritual values to work as a team without interpersonal conflicts and without negative energy. We work in unison to achieve huge goals aligning the contributions of each person. We cultivate our
work environment to maintain sinergy.
Simplicity: We always seek simplicity by reducing to the minimum the complexity without losing power and productivity.
Part of simplicity is our naturalness en act and speak.

Additional Values of the Paladins/Teachers/Spiritual Leaders:

Definition: Paladin: A paladin is a person who has formally dedicated his life to the service of Love and therefore if in this organization, to the Mission. He puts the Mission above all else and never, ever, gives up. He has advanced knowledge and training and constant connection with Essence.

• Impeccability. La Perfection is one of the 13 Characteristics of Essence. We seek to express it in our impeccability of being and action.
• Spiritual Family. Our family is those with whom we share our values and our mission.

Our Commitments include:

To be excellence pursuing impeccability. We are always in a process of excelsior towards the Perfection in our person, operations and services. 

To be the change we want to see in the world. We set the example. Transformation starts with us and what we are speaks much more loudly that what we say. 

To seek the greater good of the greater number of persons for the long term. The Transformation of Consciousness includes a radical change in the egoistic value of immediate personal profit versus the greater good. 

• Our personal and spiritual development are first and foremost and the source of all that we are and do. 

Mission: To maintain our focus on our Missions, both personal and organizational. 

NISGOB & CharPriCon: Nothing is Good or Bad and everything has Characteristics, Prices and Consequences. We shall be transparent to what is, without judgement or invalidation, and always remembering that all actions have consequences. Resistances, complaints and other ISH are failures to love.

Sum and unify versus subtract and divide. We are all One. We shall avoid focus on differences and divisions and remember we are all in this together. 

Communication in excellence: 1- Responsibility for Experience. 2- Transparency. 3- Understand before speaking. 4- Duplication and clarity 5- Seek consensus. 

Altruism: We create and operate THEO to support the evolution of spirituality on the planet with our heart centered in disinterested service. 

Abundance: We give an example of a life rich in experiences and in material abundance without accumulating and hoarding. We exemplify generosity. 

Enjoy life: We enjoy our lives at all times without mistaking Moments of Pleasure (MOPs) for happiness and not taking Moments of Pain (MODs) seriously.

Satisfaction: To work in THEO is reason for enthusiasm and personal satisfaction. If a person is not living these in ThEO is time to leave the organization.