What we do

• We promote awareness of spirituality, unity and social responsibility towards a more  harmonious, equitable and abundant world for all.

• We disseminate a science of spirituality, Essentiality, that explains the nature of our spiritual  being, the nature of our human being, and how life works.

• We disseminate a science of human development, Psycanics, that is a physics of non- physical energy (emotions, thoughts, identities, relationships, etc.)

• We transform beings and therefore their lives with powerful educational products for human  and spiritual development that liberate the internal creator power of each person so she can  take control of her life and manifest what she desires to experience.

• We train people in the Being Transformation Technology so they can discreate any undesired,  non-physical (psycanic) reality and create positive ones to take control of their experience  and their lives.

• Above all, we offer a complete system for spiritual Awakening, Enlightenment and  Illumination. We offer a system that makes Enlightenment a science and technology as with  any other area of knowledge.

• We have a project to create and operate an orphanage to educate children based in  spiritually

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Why we do what we do

• We have each awakened from the Human Dream, experienced our immortal spiritual being, and felt and communicated with Essence. By applying Her teachings, we have all achieved a major transformation of our lives.

• We have come to understand that there is no greater thing or purpose in life than Love and no greater privilege or happiness than to serve Her by helping others who are themselves manifestations of the One.

• We recognize and appreciate that we have a special and unique opportunity to work directly with Essence to help others in their greatest need: their spiritual development (whether they recognize this need or not).

• We recognize that we have wonderful tools of power and purity in the unique sciences and technologies of ThEO which we have received directly from Essence.

• We acknowledge and are grateful that we have the most valuable thing on the planet: a Road of Return to Essence. We commit to walk it ourselves and pave it as our legacy to humanity.

• We are honored to be part of an exceptional organization of the highest ideals and purposes that give us the opportunity to work in synergy with others who share those ideals and are advanced in their own spiritual development. All of this contributes greatly to the meaning and the quality of our lives.

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What We Have

ThEO is complete school of both human and spiritual development designed to be a one-stop for all that a person needs to create the life he would like. Where most consultants and schools handle only one or a few areas of human experience, ThEO handles all: mind, emotions, identities, self-esteem, personality, character study and learning, intelligence, communication, relationships of all kinds (couple, parent-child, work, leadership) work, success, money, love, happiness. We can resolve almost all human problems from addictions, PTSD and all other neuroses, to spiritual Awakening, Enlightenment and Illumination. There is no aspect to life for ThEO does not have a process for improvement where not for transformation. 

We can do this because we have the fundamental equations of how being and life really work. The knowledge and technologies of ThEO are scientific, based in the physics and electronics of both meta-physical (mental and emotional energy) and ontological (spiritual) energies.

ThEO has a taxonomy of knowledge and processes that take the human being from a life of problems, conflicts, poor results and dramas, to be a Master of Life. A Master of Life has total control over his internal experience (mind and emotions) and deliberately manifests his desired external experiences. Not only does he have a human life of Integral Wealth (desired results in all 12 areas of life), but he is a mystic with personal experience and communication with Essence.

The School is a system. Unlike most schools of mysticism, The Essentiality School does not depend on a master-student relationship. The students advance along an assembly line of knowledge, processes and practices that step by step transform their being. Transform the being and you transform his life (because of the Causal Sequence).

ThEO has a very sophisticated technology for control of BEing: Being Transformation Technology (BTT) . It not only resolves all human problems and pain, but also empowers us to recover our experience of our immortal spiritual being and our connection with the One. It also allows us to recreate our human identity and life as we wish it to be.

The specialty of the School is the immortal spiritual being that we all are, and that is the initial and only causal element in the Causal Sequence. We have blocked awareness of Who We Really Are to be able to live the illusion and adventure and limitations of being human.

The highest purpose of the School is to guide the being to perceive, feel and communicate with Essence, to move from the Darkness of the Human Experience to the Light from which we come. We do this scientifically, without need for belief or faith.