Mision of ThEO

The Mission of ThEO is Love, to serve Love in its plan to awaken the beings on Earth where we are exploring the Darkside of the Creation.

The mission of ThEO is not the organization, its survival or growth. ThEO is only an instrument in the service of Love.

The mission of ThEO is to catalyze the spiritual awakening and the transformation of consciousness on the planet. The mission of ThEO is to catalyze the spiritual evolution of humanity by globally disseminating a hard science of spirituality supported by its advanced technology for enlightenment.

The mission is to disseminate the knowledge and practices that empower the human being to transcend the illusion of both isolated individuality and the physical universe; and so rediscover his immortal spiritual being and reconnect himself with the One. This is the only true happiness and the final stage of being on earth.

The mission of ThEO is to lead the way in transformation by the example of it teachers and personnel and the results it produces in the world. The mission is to awaken, prepare, and support the Paladins of Love who will awaken the world. ThEO is the hands of Essence working on earth and a portal of Return to Home.

Purposes and Objectives

1. Record the Perennial Wisdom of Who We Are and a new, rational technology of spiritual realization in such a manner that it is not lost or distorted again, is complete, comprehensible and scientific, eschewing belief and faith.
2. Disseminate and teach the Wisdom and the technologies of Essence making them available to all.
3. Guide and support people in their path of spiritual development and Enlightenment.
4. Form professionals of spirituality with a high quality of being and who are living examples of the teachings.
5. Create a system of self-funding that maintains the organization in all its aspects and enables it to fulfill its mission.

The ThEO Vision of ThEO

ThEO is an organization dedicated to being the cutting edge of the spiritual technology necessary for the transformation of humanity.

It inspires all by its example of excellence in its BEing and in all its results, and supports all people who seek spiritual awakening.

We will be an organization recognized globally and in multiple disciplines for our quality of being and the IRL (Integrally Rich Life) of our people. We will have applicants waiting to enter the organization and many collaborators worldwide.

ThEO’s Vision of our Results and Future World

We see humanity united under a single, universal, spiritual Truth, scientifically proven beyond all doubt and therefore replacing the multiplicity of religions based in personal beliefs. The Truth aligns humanity in a single, global social, economic and political paradigm based in the recognition of Who We Are and therefore in Essence, in Love and cooperation and abundance for all. The Truth, that Spirit and the Quantum Field are One also unites spirituality and science ushering in a new era of science and technology.

Humanity understands then that the foundation of all existence is spiritual and that spirituality is the first of all sciences and that one’s spirituality is the first of all values, and understands what spirituality really is.